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I’ve using this powder regularly for almost 11 days now, the result is effective and very satisfying. My teeth have become a shade lighter and my gums feel refreshed. Thank you team habbits and congratulations for creating a wonderful product.
~Shubhi Gulati

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Here's why your teeth are slowly turning from Bright White to Yellow

These can create major problems like

Image 1
  • Deposition of plaque

  • Gum diseases

  • Cavity build-up

  • Tooth loss & infection

  • Enamel wear-off

That seems problematic right😨

Introducing Habbits Ultimate Whitening Bundle

(Get 4X whiter teeth, without the sensitivity in 30 days)

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Made with

Small Image 1

Bromelain & Pappain 

Small Image 2

Ylang-ylang Mint

Small Image 3

Activated Charcoal

Helps you to

Small Image 4

Super Whitening

Small Image 5

Remove Stains

Small Image 6

Remineralize Enamel

So you can now

Small Image 7

Smile Brighter

Small Image 8

Be Confident

Small Image 9

Kiss tooth problem goodbye

Here's How India is Fighting against the stubborn Yellow stain that are hiding your smile