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A Healthy Mouth is a Healthy Self

Not every oral care product is meant to be minty, frothy, and full of chemicals. We all know there is a need to come up with oral care products that are in sync with today's busy lifestyle. Habbits, is a huge step towards that.


Founded by Friends, Backed by Science

Our team is made of people who believe about positive change in society. We love people dearly and have a clear insight into holistic oral health. Meet the people trying to build Habbits..

Prashant Chourasia

"When it comes to general well-being, oral health is one of the habits that is most neglected. The best and the most effective way to keep your oral health on point is by having a system that is modern and works for us. At Habbits, we are dedicated to bring in innovation that will enhance oral health for all."

Ravi Gupta

"We are making a fun, interesting, Nature inspired, and sustainable oral care brand, and why not!. India is the capital for oral care problems worldwide!. It's high time we all must focus on our oral hygiene, brushing twice(dawn & dusk), and most importantly eating a good balanced diet. You know?. Good oral health not only prevents various health issues but also gives you the confidence to shine and smile brighter than ever and Habbits can help you with that!. Well!. I am sh-miling !."


Modernising Oral Care

Habbits is here to help you modernise and upgrade your oral health routine with ethical, clean, and innovative products backed by experts. For us, improved oral health translates into more sincere assurance, unadulterated compassion, and sincere connection.

"Thanks for coming here"


Naturally Derived And Highly Effective

Just because there are limited options for oral care products, you should not be forced to make sacrifices for your oral health. Our products are made with pure, high-performing ingredients and are supported by tested research.

Vegan, Cruelty-free, Toxin free & Natural are the synonyms of HABBITS.

What We Have

What We Don't Have